Light hydrocarbon gas gasification equipment
Light hydrocarbon gas, a new environment-friendly liquid fuel, is produced from c 5 and C 6 by-products in the process of petroleum and natural gas exploitation and processing, by means of physical gasification, the liquid light hydrocarbon is converted into gas-mixed gas and transported to the end user by pipeline. Light hydrocarbon gas, like natural gas, is a clean fuel. Apart from its high calorific value and clean combustion emissions, it is more convenient and safe to transport, store and distribute than natural gas and Liquefied petroleum gas, it can not only be used as a gas source for residents' diet, bathing, heating and other domestic gas facilities, it is also an ideal gas source for public utilities such as government offices, schools, restaurants, and industrial enterprises such as glass, ceramics, building materials, and food for cooking, heating, refrigeration, and production heating facilities.
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